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At The Fantasy Penta, we strive to build the best community possible for our subscribers. We offer our members the best core plays, slate breakdowns, player pools & discord in the game.

Our team of experts work hard and are dedicated to help you build winning lineups and place smart bets. Take advantage of their hard work and reap the rewards, it’s that simple.

With eSports on the rise, we recommend you to jump on the train before you get left behind. Come join the fun and learn how to turn your love of DFS and eSports into better results now! 


Join our community today. This place makes you feel at home. The discord chat is open 24/7, and is home to our premium chats.  Our eSports experts are around to help you improve your lineup construction,  your bankroll management, contest selection, and much more!



 The daily playbook is written by our very own experts to help you in your lineup building process. These contain, matchup breakdown, player data, and core stacks for each team. This sheet will guide you on who to prioritize in your stacks, give you projections and even have core plays for you to utilize in your lineups.

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